The Story Behind SDS Livestock...

Hello my name is Sarah Devlin Stafford and I love livestock! So that’s my company name sorted! SDS & Livestock!

I’m married to Rob, we farm on the outskirts of Alnwick, Northumberland. In this beautiful location we run approx. 1000 Breeding Ewes and fatten 500 store cattle.

Here to help...

Being a farmer, I totally understand the joys and frustrations that come with the day to day activities. But I’m here to help!

I come from a non-farming background, my dad owned the tugs on the Tyne (Newcastle). He named the shipping Quay “Devlin’s Quay”, we like to keep things simple in my family you see, a name from a name!

We spent our weekends in Wooler, Northumberland as children and that’s when I was bitten by ”The Farming Bug”!

I would help local farmers on a weekend and spend my holidays on farms. When I finished school I stayed at Wooler and became very independent. (Or some would say old for my years!) With our town house sold and a small holding at Wooler purchased, the dream became a reality and my Pedigree Suffolk Sheep flock was formed.

Upon leaving school and becoming a new entrant sheep farmer I quickly realised the cost implications and got myself a real job!

Proud as punch, I started my new secretarial role for Glendale Engineering (loving the free advertising), Glendale’s is an engineering firm based in Wooler. A family firm supplying farming equipment, agricultural sheds and such like. It was here I started dealing with real farming customers. Farmers in general are pretty cool (and im not just saying that, because your all reading this!) Even when angry, your all pretty happy!

I used to sit at my desk, staring out of the window at the local auction mart wishing I was there! It came to no surprise when I told my boss after 6 years that I was leaving to follow my dreams at the local auction mart. So my next role took me to John Swan Ltd, as livestock canvasser. I remember my first day very well, head to toe in tweed and high heels, I was given a car key and told ‘il see you at 5pm!’ Induction over, I soon discovered stilettos were no longer appropriate!

Over my 7 years service, I had saw a shift in market trends and how we all do business and in April 2018 SDS Livestock was born.

Up to now the core of the business has been deadweight marketing of primestock, and I will continue with this, so please get in touch with enquiries.

Farm to farm livestock sales are becoming increasingly popular due to the reduced disease risk and cross contamination.

Im extremely grateful for where I am today, I have fantastic support from my family and friends, and most of all my fabulous customers.

Thanks for visiting my site, and I look forward to doing business with you all in the future.

Sarah x