Terms & Conditions

Stock / Items remain property of the seller until full payment has been made from the buyer, the titles then change ownership to the buyer upon receipt of payment.

Transport of stock is to be arranged solely by buyer unless stated or organised prior to sale.

A transfer document listing medication should be supplied if relevant.

Stock should be warranted (between buyer and seller agreement ) to meet its description in terms of number, sex, breed, age, type, breeding ability and health status. 

Any discrepancy should be notified within 48 hours of delivery. Examples include: Incorrect castration of steers. Infertile breeding stock must be supported by a vet certificate. 

Store heifers proving to be be incalf are due a refund of 1/3 or return of beast plus keep.

Stores: Weather lambs in ewe lambs. Scanned inlamb only constitutes they are in lamb. 

Running with the tup does not guarantee in lamb. A warranted draft breeding ewe will have 8 teeth and be correct in the udder. 

SDS Livestock will not be held accountable for any of the warranty issues.

If store stock is sold at an estimated weight, this can only be used as a guide.

All relevant paperwork and ear tags should be present and correct, its the sellers responsibility to ensure this is correct. Passports must travel with the stock.

Please also read our Privacy Policy that also forms part of our Terms and Conditions.